We are EPA Lead Abatement Certified.

We hope you will find everything you need to improve the way your home or building looks right here. Williams Painting is focused on providing high-quality painting, staining, and waterproofing services. If you want artistic effects, our art division will create something special for you. Customer satisfaction is paramount - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We understand that your property and your budget are important to you, and we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our site and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

About Us

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Hi my name is Keith A. Williams and I am the owner and founder of Williams Painting and I have 40-years experience in the painting world. When I was 14years old I wanted a huffy bike, but my dad told me they were too expensive. I was two years away from getting my drivers license and thought if I had a huffy at least I would have a cool bike until I got a car. I thought; "Grandpa loves me I bet he will buy it for me". So I went to my grandpa on my mom's side, grandpa Getz and asked him if he would buy me the bike. He owned a painting company and I thought he was rich. He really wasn't rich but made a decent living. Anyway, he told me he would if I was willing to work for it. I said sure! not knowing what he had in mind. He owned 5 rental houses and all of them needed some kind of painting done on them and I spent all summer learning how to paint. That was the most expensive bike I ever owned. Grandpa taught me everything he knew about painting and after that summer was over I started working for him every summer and on weekends from that point on as long as the customer didn't mind his grandson working on their home as an apprentice. At 17, I went in to the US Navy and once I got on to my ship the USS Speigel Grove SD-32 and they found out I had painted guess what, I did a lot of painting on that ship as well, I got out in early 1984 and in April a couple months after I got out was when I established Williams Painting and the rest, as they say, is history.

Our First Location

Williams Painting stayed at the location shown below for about 3 years. The Old Highland bottling company was built around 1900 and we spent a lot of time and money fixing the outside of the building to make it pop. We really liked the building however, the owner we leased from was difficult to deal with and would not do any maintenance on the building’s roof that had leaks from the time we moved into the building.

Our second location was The Wicks Pipe Organ building located at:1100 5th Street, Suite 100, Highland, IL 62249

The Wicks Pipe Organ Company

Has been at this location since 1912 and the last Pipe Organ they made and sold went to Fiji about 5 years ago which was the year we signed our lease and moved in. This historical building in Highland was a huge factory approximately 80,000 square feet of which we leased about 4000 square foot of space. We finish doors, shutters, trim base, crown molding, furniture refinishing and almost anything needing restoration. The building was really cool it was said to be haunted and it is my opinion as well as my wife’s and several of our painters believe that in fact it is haunted. There were many odd things that went on that were unexplained and spooked nearly everyone that worked in the building at one time or another.

What We Do

Look around our site and if you have any comments or questions,
please feel free to contact us.

Interior Residential

Modern color combinations give the interior an elegant look.

Exterior Residential

This customer told me he believed he got a Cadillac paint job click on the picture and it will enlarge for a closer look and you decide. I know he’s right I’m the owner of Williams Painting and do set a Cadillac standard on every paint job we do!

Staining Project

White’s boat dock (after). Simply beautiful

Restoration Projects

Front door - Williams Painting fully restored this door. We stripped off more than 20 layers of paint, stain and varnish to get to the original bare wood, before re-staining and varnishing.

Community Projects

Williams Painting believes in volunteering for community fundraisers, and community projects. We have been involved in many community projects, such as : Consulting with the City of Highland and The Boy Scouts of America on a lead abatement restoration project by the Boy Scouts of a historic 1850 Chapel in Highland Cemetary, Highland Illinois


Williams Painting will paint single doors - interior and exterior doors in our shop in Carlyle, Illinois. We are happy to pick up the door and bring a replacement while we make your door brand new, or you may choose to bring us your door yourself.

Artistic Effect

Williams Painting is truly your one-stop painting and paint finish provider. In addition to our other services we would love to help make your home uniquely beautiful by providing the services of our artists, who will create the environment you have always dreamed about.